"She brings so much creativity, color, dignity, compassion, and love to every photo she takes."

Your story matters
invest in capturing your right now

At your organization location, anywhere indoor or outdoor, within the Chicagoland area. Travel fees apply beyond 10 miles from my home. I LOVE traveling and am open to photographing in any location. Please contact me for inquiries regarding travel outside Chicagoland.

where can i have my session?

The time and talents of the photographer and a minimum of 50 (depends on length of session) professionally edited images.

A downloadable, digital gallery with rights for web and social media use, advertisement, and printing.

what do i get?

Prior to your session you’ll fill out a questionnaire and then we’ll have a phone consultation to plan our time. I’ll get to know your organization so your images tell your story, affirm your work, and propel your mission forward.


We’ll work together to photograph the story of your staff, clients, & organization with dignity, integrity, & authenticity.  

What is this?

$425 for first hour, $300/hour after initial hour - Inquire for longer project contracts

Organizational Storytelling Session


Simply Emith Smith- influencer

"Roxanne is amazing and always brings out the confidence in me! She is the best hype girl a person could ask for which always shines through in the images she captures of me!""


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Jimmy McDermott

LyArts Program Director

"Photojournalism is necessarily dispassionate. Roxanne's work, however, is anything but. Even in her most candid shots, you can feel the relationship of the artist to her subjects. Roxanne comes through the lens of her camera. Her style is not just immersive, it is entirely present with the human story at hand."

"Roxanne comes through the lens..."

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Good News Partners

"Our Organization Storytelling images were incredible!! They will do so much to tell our story to others! I could look at these images all day. Roxanne brings so much to her work- positive, contagious, & a welcoming spirit & we hope to work with her again!"

"we hope to work with her again!"

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Sandy Moller

CUSD 201 School District

"Roxanne visited every Dual Language classroom and truly invested time to capture pictures that tell our story. She did not rush but instead invested time by immersing herself into our school culture. Our school district has received recognition after publishing pictures that Roxanne has taken. With her help, we were able to share our story to the community, and to the world. We value the work that Roxanne does for our district and we cannot wait to work with her again."

 "invested time by immersing herself..."

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WOW program in Chicago

“Thank you so so so so much. These portraits will be a staple in the girls' memories - group sessions today were full of affirmations of self acceptance and self love. thank you so much for helping document this moment in these ladies' journeys. You are a gift.”

"You are a gift."

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Colin Taylor

Student Conservation Association Midwest

"Roxanne has a knack for images that truly capture the character and personalities of our amazing members. She is able to bring out the best visual representation of the crews she’s photographed -- strong, brilliant, fun young adults who are working to better their environment. Roxanne’s talent and passion for the SCA’s mission comes through in the images she’s made for us."

"Roxanne’s talent and passion..."

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NAB Conferences

"Working with Roxanne is like having a long-lost friend come to your event, making everyone there feel as if they’ve always known her. Not only are her pictures outstanding, but so is her presence. We cannot recommend her enough!"

"We cannot recommend her enough..."

Kind words from Clients

Anywhere, both indoors or outdoors, in the Chicagoland area. Travel fees apply beyond 10 miles from my home. I LOVE traveling and am open to photographing in any location. Please contact me for inquiries regarding travel outside Chicagoland.

where can i have my session?

The time and talents of the photographer & a minimum of 50 professionally edited images. Up to 6 people. $25 per person after 6 people.  Inquire for longer extended family sessions.  A downloadable, digital gallery with rights to printing. Optional high quality print & product ordering available. 

what do i get?

Prior to your session you’ll fill out a brief questionnaire and we’ll have a short phone call. It’s a blessing to get to know my clients a bit beforehand. That way we can create more authentic images together. 


During a lifestyle session, I’ll photograph you and/or your family using a variety of both posed and candid shots. These images will be curated based on your consultation.

What is this?

$450/1 hour session/ 
$300 for an additional Hour
$500 Newborn Session

Lifestyle Session

Dr. Bonnie

“To say my photoshoot with Roxanne was amazing is a pure understatement. I laughed, I had fun, and I felt beautiful because she just let me be me and pulled out the best parts of my personality: my smile, my deep belly laugh, my humor, my joy, and what my husband affectionately calls my “72 teeth!” I had more fun getting my pictures taken than I have had in months. Roxanne doesn’t just take pictures ….she creates an experience.”

"she creates an experience."

Tiera-Talk Country
 to Me

"I can't even put it into words (and I am a writer!) what these images mean to me. Thank you for telling my brand story so well and for being the best hype woman ever! These images are a gift that keeps on giving! If you wonder what it is like to book with Roxanne... picture the most confidence you will ever have while the best hype woman cheers you on as she creates storyteller magic"

"Most confidence you will ever have...."


“In my time working with Roxanne as my mentor it has truly been the most productive and encouraging. She has given me a road map that cuts out stress and consistent failure that most entrepreneurs experience in hard lessons in their first five years of business. My million questions are always responded to with understanding and wisdom. Truly Roxanne is a well of knowledge and I couldn’t be more thankful to have her in my corner. She has truly been the sole reason I am even able to launch my business in this timeline and her service is one I do not take granted. If you have been on the fence about mentorship, don’t wait and do it. Like do it yesterday because it is so worth it.” 

"TRuly a well of knowledge and wisdom."


"Roxanne is a gifted photographer and an absolute joy to work with. Not only does she create beautiful images, she connects with the beauty in your soul. She put me at ease, easily allowing me to not be self-conscious, and to enjoy being photographed. The experience was a blessing. I felt great—beautiful, lifted and affirmed during the photo shoot. And the images were absolutely stunning! I would highly recommend Roxanne, truly a gifted photographer who illuminates humanity beautifully. And I can’t wait to find another opportunity to work with her again! ."

"..truly a gifted photographer who illuminates humanity beautifully."


""Working with Roxanne was AMAZING! From the logistics of booking to our incredible session, we enjoyed every second. Her vibe put us immediately at ease and our session felt more like hanging out with an old friend than a normal photoshoot - and that came out in the pictures. We find ourselves scrolling through each photo and smiling bigger with each new one. Roxanne is an absolute talent who perfectly captured the silliness that is our family. We're so thankful that we found her."

"We are so thankful we found her!"

Kind words from Clients