"Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here.” 
Sue Monk Kidd

Stories that matter

Your creativity and the beauty of your right now allow us to hope, laugh, & hold our people tight. Thanks to everyone who donated to organizations making a difference in our world and invited me to capture you from a distance! 

At home portraits right now


As Ms. Marion called the after school meeting  to order the young women began by grabbing an affirmation from the jar and then reading them outloud, “I don’t give up.” And the group answered, “Ashay.” “I stand strong.” And the group answered, “Ashay.” “I’m a boss.” And the group answered, “Ashay.” “I love myself.” And the […]

BeYOUtiful Empowerment Portraits


When I first spoke with Rita Romero, the founder of Cardenas Institute her passion and knowledge spilled forth from her.  Her gifts and passion connect with deep needs in our world and it is clear she is exactly where she needs to be.  She shared some of personal story including her life in Peru informing her deep […]

Hope & Resilience: Cardenas Institute


“In order to gain something, you have to let go of it. You cannot receive with it clenched fists. Through my journey, I learned about how not to panic. I learned not to force things. I learned to take a step back and let life play out. I learned that mastery is not about doing […]

“Learning to sing in the fire” with Nancy: partnering with Good News Partners Part 1


“What are your hobbies, interests, passions, fears, & hopes?” “What do you love about yourself?”  “What is a part of your story others may not know?” “What do others say you are great at?” “What do you hope to add to the world?” These are just a few of the self-reflective questions the 5th graders were […]

Self expression & celebrating each other’s stories with students


I met the lovely & gifted Monika a few years ago at a Ramadhan celebration.  I was immediately drawn to her warmth and bright smile and as we talked, I learned about her creative spirit & her amazing art work at Canvas by Monika.  She invited me to capture her original and beautiful abstract art at […]

“I paint what I feel”


“The most egregious acts of racism occur within a context of compromise.” -Jemar Tisby Jemar Tibsy just dropped his first book The Color of Compromise and stopped in Chicago for a book launch party & live Pass the Mic recording. He opened his remarks by reading the introduction of his book and stating the reason […]

calling us to courage over complicity


When I capture images I am often trying to remember a feeling, a moment framed in my mind, part of a story that can stand alone, or something that changed me. For me it is about being present in that moment & waiting for the frame that tells that story. Images are powerful and can craft, […]

a few things I have learned about my faith from those of different faiths.

travel adventure

I read recently that BOTH tears & laughter are essential to create a lasting & deep friendship. Both require vulnerability and allowing yourself to be YOU & then allowing your friend to be themselves. I have watched Annikah & Sylvia navigate a true friendship over the last 4 years and I was excited to capture […]

friendship celebrated