"Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here.” 
Sue Monk Kidd

Stories that matter

It is Juneteenth. Please read more from Jemar Tisby about why this should be a national holiday here. We celebrated today by learning more of the history, getting a treat (because kids celebrate with treats ALWAYS), watching the LIVE Free to Be with The Witness BCC today,and praying together. Lord, help us to raise our […]

“this is not enough” AND “I never thought I would see this in my lifetime”


Jasmine shared that what she most hoped to capture in our session was these 2 words; accomplishment & beauty. She embraces and embodies these words about herself. Her story thus far is one of true accomplishment & beauty! Her mentor through Foster Progress LaShawn reached out because she wanted to celebrate Jasmine with a Senior […]

Accomplishment & Beauty


“I want to influence those growing into the world. I want them to even be a better person than me and if I can do it through hair I will do it. “ -Shavonne Patterson Shavonne Patterson is a woman who immediately makes you welcomed into any space.  She lights up when she is working […]

“If can do it through hair I will do it”


Y’all- I am so excited to review this new corner of the web that Hawa Images calls home! Thank you for being here! There is a new website, a new logo- but really it is so much more- there is a new focus on serving YOU! I’m excited for this online space and I am […]

What I’ve been working on


I’m a racist & a hypocrite. My actions AND inactions have caused pain and perpetuated suffering.   God have mercy on me, a sinner. Friends, we must lament, repent, pray, learn, & act. I am not an important voice in anti racism (please elevate voices of BIPOC always) & I thought a lot about even sharing anything […]

God have mercy on me, a sinner.


“The need is up by a lot right now, up by around 75%,” Spencer, a volunteer at West Suburban Community Pantry shared that he has been arriving at 5:45am to help with the extra need. He is the only one available from his usual shift group as the other volunteers are over 65 and in a higher […]

“We are truly a community”


“Tunamshukuru Mungu.” We thank God. A friend messaged me this after sharing with me that her and her family are well.  We do thank God. In the midst- not just on the other side of the HARD.  I was thankful for this reminder today.  I am grateful for technology that enables me to connect with friends from […]

Tunamshukuru Mungu. We thank God.

travel adventure

“We are not here to take. We are here to GIVE. I credit World Relief for helping my family in our time of need. I was a vulnerable refugee and I was shown what God’s love is all about. I believe there are no limits to how refugees & immigrants can grow.” -Mawi Asgedom I […]

“We are here to GIVE.”


A Wider Family: Images on Volunteerism contains images very close to my heart because they were captured in partnership with organizations I care deeply about doing good & hard work in our world.  Our new normal due to the global pandemic has meant the Community House that is hosting the gallery has shut down for […]

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