"Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here.” 
Sue Monk Kidd

Stories that matter

Our family headed out camping at Warren Dunes State Park this past weekend. Musts at the dunes: head to the beach & pack lots of snacks (or maybe that is just my kids), climb the highest dune and go to the back side to dune jump, run down the dune full speed (at your own […]

Exploring the Warren Dunes


This summer has been very different; no camps, no pool, no parties with friends, limited travel. It’s strange and yet we are so thankful for warmer weather and time together. I know you all feel me- we are just living in a time where many decisions feel hard. We decided to take a quick family […]

Virginia Beach Adventures

travel adventure

We took a quick couple of days away to celebrate our 19th anniversary (coming on July 7th). It was much needed time for just us. The world has changed and things were very different but the time to reflect on us and take time away from the kids was a blessing. There was lots to […]

Weekend in Milwaukee, Wi.

travel adventure

“Tunamshukuru Mungu.” We thank God. A friend messaged me this after sharing with me that her and her family are well.  We do thank God. In the midst- not just on the other side of the HARD.  I was thankful for this reminder today.  I am grateful for technology that enables me to connect with friends from […]

Tunamshukuru Mungu. We thank God.

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The students gathered outside of an Econo Supermarket just outside of San Juan on a Saturday morning with pencils in hand ready to work in teams to plan a meal within their designated budget.  Mr. Erick Rios is the kind of teacher that draws his students in, as the students arrive they high five and hug him and […]

“We are so proud of these beans because they survived the hurricane. They are strong”

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On a recent trip to NYC I explored and tried to document our trip with some street photography.  Street photography has always fascinated me; the idea of capturing exactly what is present around you and thus becoming more aware of your surroundings by documenting it. I am not at all confident in this style but I […]

a quick trip to NYC in street scenes

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When I capture images I am often trying to remember a feeling, a moment framed in my mind, part of a story that can stand alone, or something that changed me. For me it is about being present in that moment & waiting for the frame that tells that story. Images are powerful and can craft, […]

a few things I have learned about my faith from those of different faiths.

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I was grateful to be invited to do visual storytelling for a recent trip that a delegation from Westmont took to visit their sister city in Hsinchu County, Taiwan.   Our family hosted an exchange student last November so I was eager to visit Taiwan and meet her family! They met me first thing off […]

Westmont to Taiwan

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The Student Conservation Association has 6 crews working throughout the Chicagoland area & I was able to capture them in action before they wrap up their summer programs. These crews of hard working young people are inspiring, knowledgeable, & passionate about conservation.  They were working on invasive species removal, installing check steps so others can enjoy […]

The next generation of conservation leaders

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