“We are truly a community”

  1. […] I started partnering with WSCP at the height of the pandemic and watched them pivot to still serve a growing number of folks needing food for their families. Before the chaos of 2020 hit they had long been planning a renovation of their current spaces to serve their clients more efficiently focusing on privacy, convenience, and dignity. The project went on despite the challenges of the last year and a half. It is amazing to see the space from demo to finished as it is today. They now offer online shopping options via their virtual pantry as well in person food access. They have expanded reception and guest intake welcoming spaces, expanded warehouse spaces, redesigned pantry store, and virtual pantry pick up areas in addition to new staff office spaces that are more collaborative and a volunteer conference room to welcome, train, and educate volunteers. Executive Director Laura Coyle shared, “The needs have been high this past year and they may stay high so we are working hard to keep up with those needs in our community. We have been in existence for over 40 years and in this location for 20 years and plan on staying as long as our community needs us.” […]

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