Gayle & Jim celebrate 50 years with their family

  1. Jim Booth says:

    I must admit I wasn’t anticipating having a lot fun getting our pictures taken. But it was lots of fun! We have had whole family get togethers through the years and I belive this one is right at the top of the list. Thank you Roxanne for getting us in the mood so you could capture great pictures, and of course thanks to the organizing committee.

  2. Jim Phelan says:

    Beautiful family! Thanks for including us as part of it all these years!

  3. Barb & Bob Garvin says:

    Boy these pictures are absolutely gorgeous and so depict the family you created!
    So nice that that you captured everyone’s individuality.
    Congratulations on your 50 years and letting us join in the fun and love you always show for others!
    Well done!

  4. What beautiful pictures of a beautiful family that is full of love and lots of fun!

    Thanks for letting us join you in your journey called life!

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