"Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here.” 
Sue Monk Kidd

Stories that matter

Are you convicted that the racism you see around us must change but feel overwhelmed about where to start or how to sustain this work (and not just go from outrage to apathy)? Do you acknowledge that there is a lot you do not know but are willing to learn? Do you want to see […]

How to Fight Racism with Jemar Tisby


Farah is the designer and entrepreneur behind Top Modist & we joined forces again to capture Top Modist’s Spring 2021 Line. The colors, design, and details are amazing! We captured the launch of the clothing line last year and it is so exciting to see the brand expanding. Top Modist “is an ethical fashion brand […]

Top Modist Spring Line 2021


I am so grateful to be featured again on the World Relief 2020 Gift Guide: Made for Change. “At World Relief, we believe that every single one of us is made for change — both in our own lives and in communities across the globe. This holiday season, we’ve created a list of companies and products that […]

2020 World Relief Gift Guide


Winter can be beautiful when we embrace it and Sam & Brittany did just that during our session. Sam & Brittany met through a mutual friend while they were both interning in Chicago and after 6 months Sam asked Brittany to hang out at a Blackhawks game. They wanted to capture them “in their natural […]

Sam+Brittany Engagement


One of the guides our team worked with while in India was a man named Narenndra. He was kind and constantly went above and beyond to help us understand and enjoy our time in his country.  One afternoon he took a friend and I to his family’s village.  It was one of the most special […]

A village called Harna